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We are seeking board applications from those who reside in the catchment areas of our three rural acute care hospitals.  We welcome representation from all areas of our multi-cultural communities, including members from all faiths with an emphasis on individuals who have people management, labour relations, legal, construction management, or public/community engagement experience.


Please consider joining us to help to shape the future of healthcare in your own community with your interest and skills.


Deadline: March 31, 2023.


WHY become a Board Member?

Well, we get asked this question a lot. Instead of giving you an answer – we will ask you a few questions. Do you use your local hospital? Do you care about the quality of care our residents receive? Do you want to make sure your hospital remains vibrant in five, ten, fifteen (you get the drift) years? Do you want to expand your network? Well, if you answered yes to all the questions - we think you have your answer.


What type of SKILLS do you need to become a Board Member?

We are looking for a variety of skill mix. If you have knowledge in people management and labour relations, legal, constructions management, or public/community engagement experience – great. We are looking for people who have a passion for improving the quality of care in our hospitals. If you are not sure you have what it takes or if your awesomeness will be helpful– give us a call. You may be surprised!


How much TIME would you need from me?

Two to three times a month there are meetings. Meetings can be up to two hours in length. To comply with social distancing, we use MS Teams to conduct virtual meetings.


Where could I help?

Here is list of “some” of the great work we do – don’t be frightened off with titles, hospitals love to use BIG words (with lots of acronym’s LOL), we will help you to learn as you go:

  • Safety, Quality, Performance, Improvement Committee (improving the care patients receive)

  • Resources Committee (spending our $$$ wisely, ensuring we remain an awesome place to work)

  • Governance Committee (all the legal stuff, as well as our important partnerships

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