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Patient and Family Advisory Council

Looking to make a difference in your local health care system? Join the WHCA Patient and Family Advisory Council.

At Wellington Health Care Alliance (WHCA) - Groves Memorial Community Hospital, Louise Marshall Hospital, and Palmerston and District Hospital, we believe that patients, their families and public engagement is essential to improving health care. Our patient engagement efforts are designed to encourage, enable and empower all members of our community to be full participants in the care they receive - and to help patients, families and health professionals join hands together to improve our health system. 


Patient and Family Advisors ensure the patient and family perspective is embedded in decision making and drive programs and services to be tailored to our unique patient populations. This contributes to the best possible outcomes and patient experience.

WHCA strives to create a respectful, accessible and inclusive work environment. Upon individual request, the hospital will endeavour to remove any barrier to the hiring process to accommodate those candidates with disabilities.

WHCA is committed to providing and fostering a safe, healthy and respectful workplace for all volunteers, free from violence and harassment.

WHCA is recruiting for Patient, Family Advisory Members:

  • WHCA Patient, Family and Caregiver Advisory Council (PFAC)

PFAC is an organized group of patients, family members, caregivers and community volunteers who contribute their experiences, ideas and priorities to all aspects of care. Our goal as a council is to promote and enhance patient engagement, improve health care quality and the overall delivery of patient care.


Members of this group engage with staff members on a variety of topics and projects such as new policies, procedures, programs, etc. Advisors are also provided opportunities to give additional insights through surveys, and other types of feedback requests, taking part in special committees such as designing quality and patient safety tools, or by sharing their stories and experiences with their level of comfort.


WHCA is committed to Diversity and Inclusion, and we welcome new members who reflect the diverse community WHCA serves. Whenever possible we will seek voices from individuals with experiences of health inequity and who bring a different perspective to the table.​

Please note:

  • There will be an orientation and training to get you started.

  • A vulnerable sector police check and occupational health clearance will be required.

  • Hybrid meeting format continues to be an option.

Key qualities and Qualifications would include:

  • Experience with care at one or more of the hospitals in the WHCA as a patient, family member or caregiver.

  • An interest in participating in work that will improve the experience of WHCA patients and their families.

  • 18 years of age or older

  • Respect for diversity and welcoming of differences of perspective.

  • Ability to think about healthcare “in big picture” ways.

  • A “can do”, positive attitude.

  • Collaborative approach to working with staff and other members of the public.

  • Respect for privacy and confidentiality

  • Ability to consider a range of possible solutions and the ability to offer constructive advice and alternatives.

  • Can represent patient, family or caregiver perspectives

  • Ability to use your lived experiences to help make positive change.

  • Ability to support group recommendations even if of a different opinion.

  • Ability to commit 2 hours bi -monthly to participate in the meetings, working groups and or committees.​

Why would you consider being a Patient and Family Advisor at WHCA?

  • An opportunity to make a difference by bringing the perspective of the patient or family member into meaningful discussions.

  • An opportunity to help improve the hospital care and services that are here for you, your family and your community.

  • An opportunity to expand your knowledge about your hospital (s) and healthcare system.

Interested in joining PFAC?
Please contact
or call 519 843 2010 ext 40718

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